Baby Naming & Brit Shalom Ceremonies

Why a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Jewish babies are given Hebrew names shortly after they are born.  A brief ceremony is performed, which often includes friends and family members of the new baby. Rabbi Jon will help you create a welcoming and beautiful ceremony that all of your family and friends will cherish. He is happy to assist you in creating or adapting your own personalized ceremony from existing examples or templates.

When does a Jewish Baby Naming Take Place?

A girl's Baby Naming can occur at any time, although they are usually done in the first few weeks of the baby's life. If a baby boy is being circumcised, his b'rit milah (circumcision) is typically done on the eighth day after birth, at which time the boy is also given his Hebrew name. If the boy is not being circumcised, a *Brit Shalom Ceremony (ברית שלום‎‎ - "covenant of peace"), is a naming ceremony for newborn Jewish boys that does not involve circumcision.

Which Name to Choose?​

The chosen Hebrew name could be a name that sounds like the baby's secular/English name, or one that begins with the same sound as the baby's secular/English name. Often a Hebrew name is selected because the meaning of the word has significance to the family. Ashkenazic Jews (those of European ancestry) often select a name that commemorates a deceased relative of the baby in order to honor that person's memory. Sephardic Jews (those of Spanish and Middle Eastern ancestry) often follow the custom of naming their children after living relatives.

During the ceremony, there is an opportunity for the parents of the new baby to explain their choice of name and its significance to them. Blessings are said during the ceremony acknowledging that the child has been entered into a brit, a covenant, with God. Blessings are also recited for the baby's well-being. The traditional wish is offered - that this child may grow into a life of study of Torah, of loving relationships, and the performance of good deeds.

Some Recent Reviews...

"Rabbi Jon officiated at an interfaith baby naming for our granddaughter with a mixed group in a non synagogue setting. He infused the ceremony with beauty, love and tradition and made everyone feel comfortable with his humor and easy manner. He also composed and sang an original song with the baby’s name which was so emotional it brought tears of joy to my eyes."  

- Robin G. / Plymouth, MA

"We want to thank you, Rabbi Jon. Our son's naming was so meaningful. So many of our family members and friends raved about the ceremony and your welcoming nature." 

- Sheldon & Candace R. / W. Greenwich, RI

An Original Song Especially for Your Child

"Love of Mine"  is an original song Rabbi Jon wrote and recorded after his daughter was born. The song has been included on nationally distributed CD Compilations (including the popular "PJ Library" series). 

He'd be happy compose an original song for your child as well. Just ask him for details. Enjoy!

Drop Rabbi Jon a Line

Rabbi Jon would love to chat about your child's Naming or Brit Shalom Ceremony. Please send along a little info & he'll get right back to you!

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Rabbi Jon Nelson